Customer Success Stories

‘DemoUp takes care of constantly adding and updating product videos into our pages. An effective service that brings more content to our customers, increases time spent-on-site and higher conversion for our ecommerce.’Idoia Estadella Vicarregui, MediaMarkt.es
‘With DemoUp we achieved a more satisfactory and complete user experience for our customers. A quick service, an easy integration and a big video database.’Raúl Corregidor Rodríguez, FNAC
‘The widget was painless to install and the design prospects flexible. The content and technology is miles above our previous partnership and I would bet anyone out there but that is all that make DemoUp such a dream partner.’Evan Gordon, Travis Perkins
‘DemoUp videos help our website to improve bounce rates and the time-spent-on-site, but what I like most is the increase in conversion rates, which is ultimately our goal in e-commerce’Razvan Pop, PCGarage
‘Implementing the DemoUp platform was quick and simple. Thanks to the added videos, we were able to increase the number of user interactions in the Worten ecommerce site, resulting in an increase in conversion’Luis Rodriguez Hernandez, Worten
‘With DemoUp we have an easy and smooth integration of supplier provided video material to our webshop. Not the pure commercial stuff, but the ones which bring added value to the viewer.’Peter De Jonghe, Makroshop
‘Quality content saving time and money. This is the perfect formula.’Juan A. Serrano, Electrocosto
‘We have 20k SKUs and don't have the time in-house to collate all the videos. I´m delighted with the fact that DemoUp constantly adds new brands and videos.’Ewan Rayment, UK Tool Centre
‘DemoUp helps us promote our products with quality videos. The videos directly impact the decision-making process of our visitors thereby, improving our conversion rate’Walter Kovacs, Ribeiro
‘The integration of DemoUp videos is completely automated, which saves our content team a lot of time. Moreover, DemoUp is directly in touch with our suppliers and adds the most recent videos in the language of our product page. Which is really important in a country like ours where we have several national languages.’Kathleen Vanassche, JM-Bruneau
‘Simple integration, very responsive team and a lot of video views.’Darius Greulich, FahrradXXL
8,3%View Rate
+2:33 minTime-spent-on-site for Viewers
73,5%Average Percentage Watched of Videos
+91,3%Change in Add-to-Cart for People watching Videos

*average results across all Demoup customers
Operating in Spain, Worten runs over 50 retails stores as well as having a strong online presence. Worten partnered with DemoUp to roll-out video content for thousands of Consumer Electronic and Entertainment goods.

Kidsroom chose DemoUp to roll-out video content for thousands of childrens appliances in multiple languages. Within a week videos were available for all of Kidsrooms international customers.

H&S Bike-Discount is one of Europe’s largest bike retailers. Together with the team at DemoUp, Bike-Discount was able to cover topsellers with videos. Resulting in increased conversion and revenue.