Reinventing ecommerce

Our Vision

We believe that the future of e-commerce is visual. Online shoppers love to watch product videos and we’re working on bringing videos to every online shop.

That is why we have built a product video platform that takes out all the hassle and obstacles that prevented the video breakthrough in ecommerce until now. DemoUp allows online retailers to integrate thousands of videos completely automated into their product page and it helps manufacturers and brands to multiply their video audience. We take care of all the work in the background (Collecting and processing videos, matching of videos and product pages, worldwide streaming on all end devices) and make the use of product videos as easy as it should be.

Facts about DemoUp

Company domicile:

Founding date:
September 2014

Number of employees:

Node.js, React, Preact, Redux, Webpack, D3, Adaptive Streaming, HLS, Kafka, Spark, Docker, Docker Swarm

Active countries:


We are a Berlin-based team with prior founding experience and expertise in ecommerce, IT, video and product development. We are backed by Rheingau Founders, Mountain Partners, the German StartUp Group and some of Europe's leading internet investors.

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